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About Us

CHI YUAN PRECISION CO. ,LTD in Taiwan, as well as Suzhou Wenyangxing Electrical Technology CO., LTD in mainland China, belongs to WEN YANG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD, established in 1987. Our company is an outstanding and professional manufacturer of electrical cabinet, modular Enclosure and many patent fittings. We keep constantly researching and innovating products of as high quality as Europe and America and have been widely-recognized in every fields.

In recent years, we have broadened the recruitment of R&D and design professionals, as well as made huge investments in top grade professional equipment, and dedicated our efforts to developing to meet the growing demands for electrical cabinets of high quality with the development of the Central Taiwan Science Park, hosting more and more companies in the optoelectronics and semiconductor industries. Our newly-issued TAF IP55 one-piece modular enclosure is dust and water resistant and pioneers western-standard cold PU foam. Our products are superior to those of Europe and America and well preferred because of stable quality and prompt delivery.

Our excellent dust-tight and water-tight modular enclosures with cold PU foam have passed the TAF IP55 tests and have optional patent  magnetic T5 fluorescent lamps, which are removable and cost- saving for installation. We also offer a full range of enclosure customization, including European standard models.

From 2016, CHI YUAN PRECISION CO. ,LTD in Taiwan is simultaneously operating with Wenyangxing Electrical Technology CO., LTD in mainland China. Based on Taiwan and arranged between Cross-Strait, we aim to global macro goals to serve wider customers.